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Should I Choose a Dealer or Locksmith for Replacing Car Keys?

by | Mar 15, 2023 | Info Articles, Locksmith Tips

If you’ve ever had your keys stolen or lost, you might have winced a bit at the thought of going all the way to the dealer for a replacement set of keys. You might not have to do that though, since automotive locksmiths can replace your car keys for you. As a rule, automotive locksmiths charge significantly less than dealerships for replacing missing car keys, they’re highly skilled and experienced with all sorts of lock and key issues affecting cars, and unlike a dealership, a mobile locksmith can come out to where you are. Shearline Locksmiths of Chicago, IL, is a professional automotive locksmith that can duplicate lost keys, replace or rekey your car locks or handle almost any other key-related issue you’re having with your car.

What Happens When You Lose Your Car Keys?

If the keys to your car ever go missing, you have a problem that needs to be solved right away. Whether you lost your keys at the mall, your car keys were stolen from you at some point or you’ve just left them somewhere and now you can’t get into your car, you need help fast. For security’s sake, you should have a car lock rekeying or replacement to make sure your old keys can’t be used to get into your car anymore. Replacing or rekeying your ignition also helps to prevent someone from driving off with your vehicle. Even if nothing bad has happened, it’s still good to have a spare key or to make a duplicate for your kids when they’re old enough to drive.

Replacing Lost Keys at a Dealership vs. Hiring a Local Locksmith

When you decide to get a replacement set of keys you have a choice to make, should you use a locksmith to replace car keys, or go to the dealership? Since it’s your car, the dealer might be your first thought. That can be a hassle though. Dealerships really don’t specialize in lost or replacement car keys, so your service appointment might not be for several days or could take a long time to complete. Authorized dealerships tend to be expensive for key service, and used car dealers generally aren’t trained or experienced automotive lock professionals.

What to Look for In an Automotive Locksmith

Fortunately, a professional automotive locksmith can cut you new keys right away and generally at a lower price point than the dealership does it. The automotive locksmith you hire can non-destructively get you back into your car, replace or change the door locks, set you up with a new ignition, and program electronic key fobs and car remotes.

Replacing Your Car Keys in Chicago

Shearline Locksmiths of Chicago are trained, licensed, bonded and insured professional locksmiths serving the entire Chicagoland area. We have the tools and the training we need to handle just about all of your car lock and key issues, from simple duplicates to total lock and ignition replacements. We work with all makes and models of car, foreign and domestic, and we offer emergency service for people in a bind. We only use high-quality hardware to replace your locks and keys, and we guarantee your satisfaction on every job we do. Contact us today about replacing your car keys, and ask about our specials when you book your appointment.

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