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High-Security Locks vs. Standard Locks

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Residential Locksmith Service

When you want maximum protection for your home or business, consider adding high-security locks to give you more control over who has access to your property. At Shearline Locksmiths in Chicago, IL, we provide comprehensive services for traditional and high-security locks. However, we always recommend that customers choose the most robust options in their budget.

As a starting point, standard locks include Schlage and Kwikset, which produce sturdy locks for businesses and homes. On the other hand, Mul-T-Lock produces high-security locks designed to resist key bumping, lock picking, and impressioning. These locks have numerous features to prevent lock damage, unauthorized entry, and illegal key duplication.

Why Choose High-Security Locks?

Some high-security locks have security pins that are beveled to prevent other key types from being fully inserted into the lock. Additionally, some high-security keyways offer sidebar pins to further protect against lock bumping and picking. Below, we talk about the top seven reasons for using high-security locks. Here are a few reasons that we have made this recommendation:

  • High-security locks resist forced entry because they are made of corrosion-resistant steel, bronze, or brass. In addition, high-security locks go through a separate hardening process to make them resistant to attacks from saws, chisels, electric drills, and screwdrivers.
  • Resistant to key bumping, lock picking, and impressioning, high-security locks feature security pins and other enhanced construction features to frustrate thieves and trespassers.
  • Mechanical and electronic formats give you more variety in choosing the mechanisms and features that most benefit your needs.
  • Many high-security locks also have ANSI lock grades, and you can look for high-security locks with Grade 1 certification for commercial or industrial use. The grading goes from 1 to 3, with Grade 1 having the highest rating. Grade 2 locks are also a good choice if you’re looking to save money.

Top 7 Reasons To Go With High-Security Locks

To protect your home and family or business premises, high-security locks are the superior choice. Here are seven reasons why we recommend you make this investment.

  1. Reduce Security Investment – This might sound counterintuitive since high-security locks cost more than traditional options. However, with your premises safe and secure, you can have peace of mind and reduce your risk of theft and unlawful entry. When you add smart technologies such as video cameras and contact sensors, you can implement an affordable security strategy without breaking the bank. Although traditional locks have many positive features, they simply lack the structural integrity and advanced technology of better products installed by Shearline Locksmiths.
  2. Eliminate Tampering – High-security locks have pins or other features that prevent thieves from using tools to hack the lock. So, choose the option design for ultimate safety and security. Additionally, high-security locks can conveniently be installed inside or outside your home or business.
  3. Easy Professional Installation – You don’t have to worry about having trouble installing high-security locks. They are easy to install, and when done professionally, can secure your property for many years to come. It’s best to avoid do-it-yourself installation of any security device. It only takes one clever thief to hack their way into an improperly installed high-security lock. To take advantage of all the features offered by these durable locks, it’s important to hire an experienced team of locksmiths to handle the job.
  4. Make Duplication Impossible – As a home or business owner, you may worry that not being able to duplicate the keys will pose an issue for you. Don’t worry, we can always make a duplicate key for authorized homeowners and business staff. However, when a thief or trespasser tries to make an impression of your key, they will find themselves on the outside looking in. Due to the placement and technology used in high-security locks, thieves cannot hack into or duplicate them without permission.
  5. Sleep Peacefully – Enhanced home security is a great sleep aid. When you know that you can keep intruders at bay due to the high-security locks on your doors, it’s much easier to get a good night’s rest.
  6. Decrease in Crime Rate – Standard keys don’t do nearly as much as high-security keys in curbing theft. You may even help lower crime statistics in your area by installing sturdy, reliable high-tech locks and keys.
  7. Ensure Your Privacy – With high-security locks, you don’t have to rely on cameras and potentially invasive services to keep your family safe. With high-security locks, you can keep your home and business under lock and key without giving up your privacy.

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