Lock Rekeying

We’re Your Chicago Lock Rekeying Specialists

Shearline Locksmiths is a leading locksmith company that serves Chicago, IL, and the surrounding suburbs with a complete range of locksmith services, including professional lock rekeying. We rekey all types and brands of residential and commercial door locks. Our company is licensed and known for the excellent quality of our workmanship and service guarantees. If you’re searching for “lock rekeying near me” in the Chicago area, be sure to choose Shearline Locksmiths and see why we’re the Windy City’s go-to locksmithing solution.

What Is Lock Rekeying?

view of a lock cylinder that has been removed from the lock so we can replace the pins with new ones that match up with a new key

Here you see a lock cylinder that has been removed from the lock. Once removed, we’ll replace the old pins with new pins that match up with the cuts in the new key.

To rekey a lock, your locksmith will extract the lock cylinder, change the pins (or wafers depending on the type of lock) that match the new key and reinsert the cylinder. Having the old key to your locks is ideal, otherwise, your technician will have to pick the lock before they can remove the lock cylinder. That’s not a problem for a skilled locksmith but it can make the lock rekeying process take a little longer. If you have a key, you can expect your locksmith to rekey each door lock in 15 to 20 minutes. A high-security lock may take a bit longer as well. Shearline Locksmiths will send a lock-rekeying locksmith to your home or business to change as many locks as needed. We offer mobile locksmith solutions and will bring the tools and products required to re key all the locks you want done.

Rekeying Your Home Locks Is an Affordable Option

There are lots of reasons why people choose to rekey home locks, and one of the top reasons is price. Changing the whole existing lock is more expensive than rekeying the lock cylinder because it involves a complete hardware change. Choosing to rekey locks is also a great option if you love the hardware you have and want to keep that same manufacturer and same brand. Rekeying multiple locks is a very efficient option compatible with most lock brands.

Often, people who have just moved into a new home will hire a professional locksmith to rekey the home’s locks. That way, anyone who may have had a key to the home like the house’s previous owners, their relatives, or even service providers, will not be able to access the house. Sometimes homeowners want to reduce the number of keys on their keyring and order deadbolt lock rekeying so that the same key fits all of their door locks. Lock rekeying is much less costly than changing locks, which makes getting locks rekeyed a popular security option for home buyers.

You might also want to hire Shearline Locksmiths for our lock rekeying service if you have discontinued services from a cleaning company or babysitter. It’s also not uncommon to rekey apartment locks after a roommate has moved out. If you want to rekey residential door locks at your Chicago home, apartment, or condo, you can rely on the prompt and affordable service from Shearline Locksmiths.

Chicago Commercial Lock Rekeying

Our locksmith technicians can rekey business locks even if they’re complex. If you need Schlage rekey or a high-security lock rekey, you can contact us for service and we’ll bring everything needed to rekey your business locks. If you aren’t sure if you want lock rekeying or to change locks to high-security locks, consult with our highly trained locksmiths for advice. We can help you upgrade to the ideal locks for your business and budget.

If you want to schedule lock rekeying for your Chicago, IL, home or commercial property, contact us to schedule an appointment. We also offer a full range of other locksmith services including emergency locksmith services.