Commercial Locksmith

We’re Here For All Your Needs With Our Commercial Locksmith Services

At Shearline Locksmiths of Chicago, IL, we know that your business has a number of requirements for locks and door hardware. These include ADA compliance, local code compliance, protection of your assets and personnel, easy access for authorized personnel, and reliability of your hardware. Of course, as your business locksmith, we’re also here to help keep your business on track. When you’re dealing with lost keys, damaged locks, and trouble securing your premises, you can count on us. Working with our licensed, trained, and highly professional locksmith gives you confidence and trusted support in your business operations. We offer the affordability of a cheap locksmith with the reliability of a solid commercial locksmith. It’s perfect for taking good care of your business security, whether you’re a startup, family business, or larger corporation.

Improving Physical Security with Commercial-Grade Hardware and Security Systems

keypad locks (top) commercial doors with ADA-compliant crash bars and door closers (middle) and keycard-operated access control keypad.

We will enhance your commercial property’s security with high-security keypad locks (top), ADA-compliant crash bars and door closers (middle), and access control systems that use keycards or fobs to control who can access which doors in your facility. We’re here to help with your commercial security system.

Commercial operations tend to be high-value targets for physical intrusion, prompting businesses to ask our expert locksmiths for deadbolt locks, commercial door locks, high-security locks, and commercial lock replacements. Our Chicago commercial locksmith team uses hardware sourced from brands like Adams Rite, AlarmLock, Mul-T-Lock, and MarksUSA. We guarantee the equipment we install along with our expert workmanship. Paired with upgraded lock hardware, CCTV security systems and security cameras can help you monitor and protect your property and we can help you design the best system for your needs and budget. Our team is here to meet your commercial locksmith needs again and again with the best security solutions that simply work.

Master Key Systems Provide Security and Convenience

For many companies, our master key systems help by providing solid security with easier key management. Aging locks and those worn to the point where key use is unreliable should be replaced promptly, which we can readily do for you. When important keys are lost, rather than be concerned about who has them and possible misuse, our commercial locksmiths provide master key system rekeying, with discounts!

We’ll Help You Stay Current With Building Code Compliance and ADA Guidelines

Updating your door hardware for ADA compliance and adding code-compliant panic exit devices provide safety and convenience benefits for employees and customers as well. Our team can recommend and install solutions that are right for your commercial space. We service your warehouse, public venue, office building, or industrial facility. Consider our keypad locks for convenient, secure access to common areas such as supply closets, restrooms, or even your front door.

Keyless Entry Options For Commercial Properties

Keyless entry options are popular with our customers, especially when a single access card or biometric lock type can take the place of a large ring of keys. Commercial door hardware including electronic locks provide solid protection just as mechanical locks do. When combined with keyless access methods, this technology can speed up the flow of your company’s activities.

Your Versatile, Experienced, and Trusted Commercial Locksmith in Chicago, IL

For businesses throughout Chicagoland, Shearline Locksmith provides on-call lock and key services. We provide rekeying to manage access when there are too many unknown keyholders, and prompt lock repair so the premises are always secured. If you’re remodeling, upgrading your business security, or just want the advice of an experienced locksmith for your lock and key strategy, we’re ready. Call us for commercial locksmith service today!