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How Much Does It Cost to Rekey Locks?

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Residential Locksmith Service

There are various reasons why people contact Shearline Locksmiths to rekey their door locks. They may have purchased a new property, in which case, they have no way of knowing who might still have keys to the house or commercial building. A roommate or employee may have left on bad terms and taken their keys with them. Sometimes people lose their keys and have no way of knowing if someone else found them. Whatever the reason, they may still be concerned about the cost to rekey locks. Here, we’ll explore the differences between rekeying different types of locks for homes and businesses as well as why people choose to rekey the locks of their Chicago, IL, properties.

Cost to Rekey Locks: Homes vs. Businesses

The cost to rekey locks of homes and businesses typically varies in price. For one, many businesses have more entrances/exits than a typical home. Many homes in Chicago, IL, have no more than three exterior door locks that include a front door lock, back door lock, and garage door lock. Although some businesses may only have one or two door locks, others might have multiple exterior door locks and even interior door locks that need rekeying. The increased number of locks that require rekeying will certainly increase the cost to rekey locks for a business.

Also, the types of locks, which we’ll explore in detail in a subsequent section, can impact the cost to rekey locks in Chicago. On average, the cost of rekeying house locks for Chicago-area homes ranges from $75 to $550. On average, however, homeowners can usually estimate a cost of $150-$200 for rekeying their door locks plus the inclusion of a set of keys. Keep in mind, again, that the cost varies by locksmith company and by the types of door locks/hardware in question. Customers can trust Shearline Locksmiths to always provide them with a fair price for rekeying their door locks.

On the other hand, the cost to rekey locks for businesses is often higher because of the complexity of the locks. Of course, there are many Chicago, IL, businesses that rely on locks that are no different than most house locks. For example, a professional office located within a commercial building that houses lots of different businesses might not pay more than a homeowner would for new hardware, but again, the cost varies depending on the types of locks in question and how many need to be rekeyed.

Difference Between Rekeying Standard Security Locks vs. High-Security Locks

The chief difference in the cost to rekey locks for homes versus businesses relates to the lock types. Rekeying a standard-security lock like those found in many Chicago, IL, homes are going to be less expensive than rekeying high-security locks that are most often found at businesses. Why? Because high-security locks are more complex than standard locks. High-security locks like Mul-T-Lock require more work on the part of the locksmith to rekey. Commercial door locks are built for higher-traffic (more use) situations, so they’re often more robust and complicated than standard home locks

Again, if the business has several high-security locks, it can expect to pay more per lock than if the locks were standard. And, depending on the locksmith company one chooses, there may also be surcharges for addressing the more complex hardware associated with commercial properties. Many businesses have master key systems, so some locksmiths might charge a surcharge for rekeying the locks in question.

Top 4 Reasons You Should Rekey Your Locks in Chicago, IL

Whether you’re exploring the cost to rekey locks for a home or business in Chicago, IL, there are various times when it makes sense to rekey locks rather than replace them. Replacing door locks is always a more expensive option. The following are the top five times that people hire a locksmith company like Shearline Locksmiths to rekey their standard or high-security locks:

  1. Moving to a New Property: Generally, when people move to a new home or commercial property, they will rekey the locks. They have no way of knowing who the former owner gave keys to and if those keys are still in existence. Rekeying the locks reduces security threats that someone may use one of those keys to access the property.
  2. Reduce the Number of Keys On Your Keyring: Customers often opt to reduce the number of keys needed for their home or business by rekeying locks so that multiple locks can be accessed by the same key. This will lighten the load of a heavy keyring.
  3. Changing Service Providers: Home or business owners may choose to rekey their locks after changing their cleaning company or other service providers who were previously given keys to the premises. If you’ve hired a new babysitter, pet sitter, or IT provider, you might have your locks rekeyed.
  4. Missing/Lost Keys: When a roommate moves out or an employee cuts ties with a business without returning keys it’s cause for concern. People will typically opt to rekey their locks in these situations. People who have missing or lost their keys frequently contact a locksmith company to rekey their locks as they have no way of knowing who may have found the keys or stolen them, which is a security threat.

If you have additional questions about the cost to rekey locks for a home or business, contact Shearline Locksmiths. We can discuss our specific costs as related to the job in question and the types of locks on your premises.


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